Spartan Trifecta in Bright

by Alexis Hope, 12 Oct 2017

We had an awesome weekend away in Bright, a small mountain town on the edge of Victoria Australia. Completing the Spartan race trifecta. The trifecta is where one completes all three of the Spartan race types (Sprint - 7km+, Super - 14km+ and Beast - 21km+). The sprint turned out to be around 9.5km and the beast was 24km which was a little more than we were expecting.

Some enthusiasts will attempt whats called an Ultra Beast where you run the Beast course twice. Effectively giving you a full marathon experience whilst completing obstacles and mountain climbs. Three crazy monkeys were attempting it on the Sunday. Two completed and one was disqualified for surpassing the time limit. I'm blown away and impressed by these individuals.

It is always an enjoyable challenge not just testing your endurance but also your mental resolve. With full body challenges in rope climbs, carrying sand bags, tyre pulling, horizontal scaling to mention a few. The atmosphere was outstanding as is typical with a Spartan race.

It was a huge team effort from our team Chur Bro. A good team makes it fun that in turn eases the suffering. It was early starts both days, and many beers afterwards. Bright was a breathtaking location for it to be held. Will be back next year.

Male to Female ratio in the Mystic Mountains - Spartan Beast

I was blown away by the wide range of age groups and a strong Female presence. There were limbless and fearless participants. All of whom are an inspiration to take on new challenges. The data wasn't readily available in the results. But I was able to pull all the race results into a csv, from there it was easy enough with R to aggregate the information. This gives a little more insight on the demographics and average finishing times by age etc.

You don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running

Christopher McDougall - Born to run

Age demographic - Spartan Beast

That little green flicker is a single 60+ participant. And after reading Born to run I aspire to do the same. Although hopefully when I'm 60+ it won't be a flicker, hopefully there will be many others who join me. Chur Bro!

Finish Times & Age - Spartan Beast

Team Chur Bro Team Chur Bro at the finish line With our medals