Netbeans & Silver Stripe

by Alexis Hope, 30 Jan 2013

OK quick note, Netbeans is an awesome IDE. Love the debugging options an set to xdebug default options. So it just works when running Linux PHP Xdebug. Was a life changer when someone showed me how about six months ago.

Silver Stripe is also an awesome PHP framework/cms. But .ss files the ones used by the Silver Stripe templating system don’t get recognised by Netbeans. A quick Google resulted in a few incomplete forum results. I’m using Netbeans 7.2 and it took under a minute once I knew where to go, to enable syntax highlighting and code completion (apart for ss template tags).

Go Tools > Options (used to be preferences in older Netbean versions I believe).

In the options you’ll see a tab to the far right titled Miscellaneous. Under that tab you’ll see a tab titled Files three tabs in from the left. Click the New button type “ss” as the extension and then OK. Then with ss selected as the file extension select “HTML Files (text/html)” as the MIME. Hit OK again and vola, syntax highlighting in Netbeans.