Bitmap to ByteArray

by Alexis Hope, 23 Apr 2012

Some notes about using sprites from Flash Professional in Flash Builder.

1 When adding Sprites or Movie Clips to a Flex application add them to a UIcomponent first or use rawChildren.addChild() to avoid run time errors.

spritecanvas.addChild(new Sprite()); // OR this.rawChildren.addChild(new Sprite(); 2. The information on labeled timelines and labeled movieclip instances remains intact [Embed(source="../sprites/Demo.swf", symbol="test")] private var TimeLineTest:Class; var TestTimeLine:MovieClip = new TimeLineTest() as MovieClip; TestTimeLine.gotoAndPlay('timelinelabel'); // accessing sub movie clips which have been given an instance name in Flash Professional // TestTimeLine.inception == MovieClip 3. AS3 code however does not remain intact but stop() commands do (I'm wondering if I'm missing a flag here when embedding) A movie clip symbol in Flash Professional which is given a base class of the following package { import flash.display.MovieClip; public class TestClas extends MovieClip { public var TestString:String = 'Hello World!'; public function TestClas():void { } } } And then embedded into a Flex application or Flash Builder, the var TestString does not remain (nor do variables on the MovieClip's timeline) [Embed(source="../sprites/Demo.swf", symbol="test")] private var TestVariablesEmbed:Class;