A New Reality

by Alexis Hope, 22 Nov 2017

A New Reality

I proudly backed a project on Kickstart called A New Reality. It is the republication of a book originally by Jonas Salk. His son Jonathan Salk created this project to creat an updated edition. The book finally arrived and it gave me much pleasure reading through its contents.

It offers insights into population growth. Giving examples of bacteria in petri dishes, fruit flies in a glass container and sheep introduced on secluded island landscapes of Tasmania. Through this it offers hope and warnings for the future. Many indicators suggest we have reached the turning point in human population growth.

There is cleaver use of data visulisation. And particularly of a Sigmoid Curve. As we transition through a time of heavy growth we have taken this abundance of food, energy and real estate for granted. Which in turn fuels consumeristic values. As we are at the turning point of growth so are our values, which creates a divide and therefore conflict. As people values of the past and feature.

You can see these values of the future presenting themselves in the form of organic produce, tiny houses, sustainable Tuna fishing. Other raising trends conscious & sustainable manufacturing. Locally grown foods. Environmentally friendly house hold products.

This book offers hope in the human race. Reinforcing selflessness and togetherness of future values. Definitely a recommended read.

Even though the disscussion here suggests that, in the long term, the course of epochal change predetermined, it is not.

It is under our influence.
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