A New Reality: Human Values and World Population

by Alexis Hope, 22 Nov 2017

A New Reality

A Kickstarter project finally arrived, it's a book called A New Reality: Human Values and World Population. It is a republication of a book originally by Jonas Salk. His son Jonathan Salk created this project to release an updated edition. It talks about modern-day issues primarily caused by over population creating this 'new reality'.

It's premise revolves around the sigmoid curve and how human population growth is out the point of inflection (the middle point of the curve where it transistions). All living organisms population growth follow this sigmoid curve. It can be seen with bacteria in petri dishes, fruit flies in glass containers and sheep introduced on the secluded Tasmania island. Even outside of laboratories at some point limits (food sources or waste removal) are reached causing populations to eventually plateau. Analysing human population growth we have been experiencing a period massive accaleration; And appear to be in the phase on inflection. Through this the book offers hope and warnings for the future. Many indicators suggest we have reached the turning point in human population growth (primarily that our population growth has actually started to decalerate).

Even though the discussion here suggests that, in the long-term, the course of epochal change predetermined, it is not.

It is under our influence.

Humans have had this abundance of food, energy and real estate. Which has allowed and favoured consumeristic values. Whats expected as we decelerate is our values will also flip. Possibly we'll begin to favour collaboration over competition, group over self. Examples of this can be seen as nations we have held an individualistic attitude. But as threats of global warming increase concerns for other countries carbon output becomes a global concern. Giving incentive for first would countries to support third world countries. Desertification in Africa effects us globally. Food waste in America becomes a global concern.

You can see these values of the future presenting themselves in the form of organic produce, tiny houses, sustainable Tuna fishing. Conscious & sustainable manufacturing. Locally grown foods. Environmentally friendly house hold products. Coffee keep cups.

There is cleaver use of data visualisation. I've never seen so many variations of a curve all communicating different concepts. As a data visualisation hobbyist and sustainability geek I loved this book. It offers hope in the human race. Reinforcing the importance of selflessness and togetherness for future and current values. Definitely a recommended read.

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